The results for the 7th shoot have been posted.
Thank you Oak Park for hosting.  There were 70-shooters who participated which is up from 62 last season.
The weather was nice and the overall season results from this shoot were exciting.  Six people shot a 25 straight yesterday, but nobody shoot a 50.  There were only two 49s.  (Did the young lady shooting on the trap field dishevel you?)  Oak Park finished in 2nd place with 0.5 birds down down from Glen Oak.  Medinah and White Gates tied for 3rd each with 10-birds down.
Season Results for the Clubs: 1st place goes to Glen Oak, 2nd place is Oak Park at 25-birds down, 3rd place is White Gates at 29-birds down, and Medinah finished in 4th place at 56-birds down.
Season Results by Class:  This is where it gets really exciting!
There were four people who mathematically could have won HOA; John Wachter, Jerry Cizek, Al Forst, and Ross Weigand.  They all shot a 25 in this shoot, but that wasn’t good enough to win it.  John went into this shoot in the lead for HOA so he had some mental pressure to hold his lead.  The the other guys needed to shoot a 50 to possibly have knocked him out.  Jerry came out strong and shot a (25/ 24) 49, John choked and shot a (21/ 25) 46.  Each with a season average of 49.25, they’re currently tied for HOA and AAA Class Champ.  Let’s see how they do mentally while shooting it out at the Loot Shoot!  Ross came out strong with with a 25, but it appears the pressure was too much for him and he shot a 19 for his second round.  Al shot a 22 his first round, but got it together and shot a 25 his second.  That puts Al in 2nd place – AAA Class.
AA Class is tied at 47.75 and requires a shoot out.
A Class Champ is John Arnet with an average score of 45.5.  He’s one of our younger junior shooters who’s from OP.  I see him moving into AA Class next year with his three 46s this year.  Great shooting John!
Second Place – A Class is tied with a 44.25 between Steve Mandell and Mike Youngerman and requires a shoot out to determine the winner.
B Class Champ is John Hoffmeister from White Gates.  This is his 1st year in the league.  Way to go John!
C Class Champ is tied with a 36.5 between KC Borman and Mike Corsten.  This class also requires a shoot out to determine the winner and 2nd place.
D Class Champ is Chris Beck from GO.
E Class Champ is 11-year old, first year league shooter, Karsten Davis fro OP.
F Class Champ is also a first year league shooter Kaitlyn Speck from GO.
The LOOT Shoot and Shoot-offs for Class winners are at Medinah on March 7th.  See my note from last week below for more information.  Most important . . . registration CLOSES at 8:30AM.  No exceptions!  Be there with at least $50 CASH in hand or you can’t register.
Lastly, I personally thank Pat Johnson for her dedication to the league by managing the computer for us this year.  I also thank Al Forst for managing the reservations and for helping me by being my sounding board when it comes to dispute resolution.  These two people keep me sane, thank you both again!
In summary, it’s been a good year . . .  participation was up from last year, we have several new shooters in the league, a couple of the old guys (Tim for one) figured out they needed to get new glasses and started shooting better, we have new people winning class champs, and we have some exciting events to look forward to at this year’s Loot Shoot.
Thank you all for your participation!
Jeff Pilato
CCSL League Secretary