The results for the 5th shoot of the season have been posted.
Thank you Glen Oak for hosting.  72-shooters participated.
Only 6 people shot a 25 and nobody shot a 50.  What happened to the scores? Glen Oak has the season secured by leading with 15-birds.  Oak Park and White Gates are tied for second place.  Statistically speaking, White Gates may win the tie due to their Total all Scores of 1194 birds vs OP with 1191.5.  Remember, we drop the lowest score and that’s how the tie came about.  The next shoot is important to both of these clubs.
In regards to individual season standings for HOA and Class . . . I have John Wachter now leading the way for HOA and AAA Class Champ. Please reach out to Ross Weigand to get the AA Class numbers and season standings.  Make sure to ask for the logic behind his analysis too.  This class analysis is a bit tricky this year, but I have J.R. as the current class champ.  Ross excitedly challenged my HOA analysis (in favor of himself) last week.  Based on the emails and phone call from his club peers, in my mind he has now volunteered to take the responsibility of running the numbers for the 2021 season.  Do we agree he should be the new League Secretary?  I vote YES!
The next shoot is at White Gates Skeet Club on February 15th.
See you there . . .
Jeff Pilato
CCSL League Secretary