The results of the 6th shoot have been posted.  Read the Season Results carefully because there are several VERY CLOSE Class standings.
Thank you White Gates Skeet Club for hosting.  54-shooters participated.  That’s down by 18 from the last shoot, but up by 7 from last year.
The weather kinda sucked in the morning but when Dan Brown arrived to shoot at 3:00PM, the wind stopped and the sun came out.  You go Dan!
Jerry Cizek Jr. and John Wachter both shot a 50-straight and four others shot a 25.  (I wonder what Jr. would have said to his Dad if I left the “Jr.” off next to his name?)  Speaking of Jr., right now he’s AAA Class Champ with Al Forst gunning for him at 0.25 birds away.  John, Jerry, and Al all have a chance at winning HOA.  The next shoot at OP will determine HOA and AAA Class Champ! 2nd Place AAA Champ doesn’t mean anything when you’re one of these guys.
AA Class Champ is either Jerry Reynolds or Nick Irle.  There’s a little challenge we have with Nick’s score sheet from yesterday and here’s how to ensure this doesn’t happen again . . . it’s the shooter’s responsibility to check their scoresheet prior to leaving the club for the day.  Pat and I are not responsible to check the scorer’s math and or kill correctness on the score sheet.  We do the best we can, but again it’s the shooter’s responsibility.  We will always fix any computer related typos when entering the score sheet data.
A Class Champ is looking like our young shooter from OP, John Arnett.  Way to go John!
B Class Champ is very close with John Hoffmeister and Brian Watterson at 0.25 birds apart. Brian . . . you need to shoot a 42 and hope John doesn’t.
C Class Champ is tied between K.C. Borman and Mike Corsten.  A 37 from either would do it.
D Class Champ is looking like Chris Beck.
E Class Champ is held by the youngest CCSL shooter I’ve ever met, he’s 11-years old.  He shoots a 28 gauge semi-auto, yes 28 gauge.  I’m excited to say not only will he win the sub-junior class, but he’ll win the big boy’s E Class for sure!  You go Karsten Davis!!!
Lastly, F Class Champ is looking like Kaitlyn Speck wins this year.
The next shoot is at Oak Park on February 22nd.  This one should be exciting!
The Loot Shoot is at Medinah on March 7th.  I’m told the food will be great and with the help of all the participants, the shooting should run smooth.  Remember, this is our league and we make all the rules outside of safety.  You must have shot in two (2) CCSL shoots this season to participate.  Bring $50-cash as an entry fee.  The pot will be 100% returned to the shooters in the form of payouts.  The CCSL pays for your food and birds that day.  If you want to do side bets, bring cash for that too.  No charging to your home club for this event other than alcoholic drinks afterward.  Lastly, be at Medinah early enough to sign up no later than 8:30 AM sharp.  We have a hard cut-off at that time to ensure we can make the teams and start shooting at 9:00 AM.  No exceptions.
See you soon!
Jeff Pilato
CCSL Secretary