The results from the 3rd shoot of the season have been posted.
Thank you White Gates for hosting.  The teamwork in supporting the shoot was very much appreciated.
The birds . . . what can I say . . . those of you that shot know the low house birds flew up at a 45-degree angle and at times were over 40-feet in the air when shot and the high house birds flew mostly flat.  It was a challenging, but fun shoot.  12-people shot a 25 out of the 68 people who came out to shoot. That’s above average for any shoot.
The next shoot is at Oak Park on January 25th.
NOTE: The Loot Shoot is at Medinah this year.  The belt buckles for the league class winners must be ordered this week at the latest or you stand a high chance of not receiving them for the Loot Shoot.  Your budget for food (breakfast and lunch) and the league awards is roughly $3K. All money collected the day of the Loot Shoot goes back to the shooters in the form of cash.
Jeff Pilato
CCSL League Secretary