White Gates Skeet Club

Reserve a Shoot Time

Shoot Times:
You can make a reservation to reserve a shoot time starting from 12:00 noon the preceding Monday until 5:00 p.m. Thursday.  To reserve a shoot time, contact Al Forst at 708-344-7900 or email at

Please give Al as much leeway in your times as possible. Times tend to go quickly so
please try to be flexible.
It isn't always possible to give you a specific time. It's better if you can give Al an idea of when you can arrive and when you must leave the host club so he can try to squad you accordingly.  If you don’t give Al a range of times, he will slot you in the nearest opening to the time you requested.  If you can’t get the time you want, you can still come out the day of the shoot and sign up for one of the unreserved times.

Only six slots in every time period are open for scheduling so that still leaves four slots available for walk-ins. 
Squads 1 & 2 of all shoots will be left open for walk-ins only.  Squads 3-18 are open for pre-reservation, up to 3 out of 5 shooters.

This is the
Master Shoot Schedule and Squad Sheet Program Al will use for setting up squads for the CCSL shoots.