White Gates Skeet Club

Interclub Trap

2018 Trap League:

Update: 09/7/2017:

The Interclub Trap dates and locations have NOT been set.  There will be two scheduled league shoots this year which will be held at Medinah and White Gates.  The goal for these shoots is to have fun, do it safely, eat and have a few drinks.  All in all . . . to have a great time!

Here's the schedule:
  1. Medinah - TBD
  2. White Gates - TBD

In order to keep things on schedule for all shooters, the first two squads are to be on the firing line and ready to shoot by 6:00 p.m.

We're shooting 50 or 100-rounds/ evening again this year so make sure you bring 4-boxes of ammo.  (12g - #7.5 shot)  Squads will shoot 50-rounds straight then take a rest while two other squads shoot their first 50-rounds.  In other words . . . we'll rotate so nobody waits too long to shoot.
The cost at Medinah is $10 cash includes tips and pullers.  Food, targets, and shells are sign on own.  The cost at White Gates is
$25 cash which includes dinner (Chinese) and pullers.  Bring your own beverage if you would like.  Targets and shells are sign on own.  Ammo can be purchased at the going club prices and rounds are billed at $6.50/ each. 

We typically start at the 16-yard and then all move back to the 22-yard.  No handicap averaging.  If that's not good enough for you, we'll shoot off the balcony at Medinah!

Directions are located
here on this web site. Your GPS will get you lost. Trust me on that.

Please contact your club representatives to learn more. 

Thank you.

Jeff Pilato