White Gates Skeet Club

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Host Club Responsibilities

Summarized as follows:
1.) Run the CCSL Computer for each Shoot - Enter all shoot results in real time and manage squading for all shoots.  The Host Club must have someone at all shoots no later than 8:40am to insure the 1st squad gets out at 9:00am and they can't leave until the last squad of the day has had their scores recorded into the computer.
2.) Email the Scores - To me (Jeff Pilato) no later than 9:00am the following (Sunday) morning.
3.) Recap Letter - To be written and sent to me (Jeff Pilato) no later than midnight on the Tuesday following each shoot.
4.) CCSL Billings - Must send a bill to each club for each shoot.  Billings are auto-generated from the CCSL computer.  I suggest 2-x per season as opposed to 7x.)
5.) Loot Shoot - Host the shoot.  By that I mean, hold it at your  club, fully staff it, pay for the pullers, provide a nice breakfast and lunch and provide awards for the shoot.  The CCSL pays for the food and awards.  The CCSL will reimburse the Host Club upon receipt of invoices.  No mark-ups allowed on the invoices for the awards.
6.) CCSL Season Awards - Must order ALL awards no later than February 1st, preferably by January 15th, for the league.  The CCSL will reimburse the host club upon receipt of invoices.
Lastly, I strongly suggest PROPER PLANNING and teamwork for the Host Club or I guarantee challenges and problems will occur.

Loot Shoot Aids:

1.) Loot Shoot To-Do-List

2.) Loot Shoot Payouts  (Suggested)

3.) Loot Shoot Flyer (Sample)