White Gates Skeet Club

General Information

Common Best Practices:


Try to do your best to clean up after yourself.  Please remember to throw away your lunch plates, napkins, cans and bottles.  If you’re shooting, throw your hulls in a bucket.  If you have a semi-auto with an auto-ejector, spend 5-minutes when you’re done to pick up your hulls.  We have no hired help to do it.  If you forget, a club member will do it for you to keep the place looking nice.


If you bring a guest, don’t forget to fill out a chit for all rounds and ammo you and your guest shot.


If you bring inexperienced shooters as a guest, please try to do the “teaching” before noon.  It’s understood that occasionally that’s not always possible.  Therefore, never allow both fields to be tied up teaching.  For reference; a squad of 5-experianced shooters typically takes 20-minutes to shoot a round.  Do not spend more than 30-minutes teaching if other shooters are waiting to shoot.


If you’re a host in absence who hired a caterer, please don’t forget to make arrangements to pay the skeet puller the usual and customary tip of $40 or more dollars.  (Suggestion:  Have the caterer pay the puller and you pay the caterer.) Also, make sure you have somebody who has agreed to clean up the lunch area for you.


Under no circumstance other than medical emergency does anybody turn on the field lights until AFTER 6:05 p.m. on Mondays – Fridays.  If you do, especially during the winter months, our electric bill will double for that month.  We're on a commercial peak demand meter.  Nothing more to say for this one.


Remember, last person out for the day/ night is responsible for closing up the fields and locking the club house!


Lastly . . . have fun, smile, and shoot safely.  If you don’t know somebody, please reach out and introduce yourself!

Unreported Rounds and Ammo:  If you forgot to fill out a chit at the club, please email Barry McDonnell at: lbmcd512@sbcglobal.net  

Make sure to include all the following info in your email:
Chit for White Gates Skeet Club
  1. (date shot)
  2. (your name)
  3. Number of rounds shot
  4. Number of boxes 12/ 20 ammo
  5. Number of boxes 28/ .410 ammo

Helpful information for ERAD users:

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ERAD Technical Manual 

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WiPickle Quick User Guide

Helpful information for the PAT Trap users and mechanics:

PAT Trap Manual