White Gates Skeet Club

Country Club Skeet League

General Info:

This site for the Country Club Skeet League (CCSL) includes the 2018 Shoot Schedule, Shoot Results, League Season Averages, Directions to Clubs, and miscellaneous information. 

New web site tabs: 
Reserve a Shoot TimeInterclub Trap and Updates for my commentary on the shoots and news you can use!

League shoot results will be posted to this site by 12:00 noon Sunday following each shoot.  

The CCSL is a proud annual doner to the Evans Scholors Foundation.

League Rule Changes:
This year the 2014 NSSA Rule Book
will prevail for all CCSL shoots.  In the event of a shoot dispute, the four (4) Club Representatives will discuss the details of the dispute and before the end of the day a decision will be made as to the ruling.  Once the ruling has been announced, it's final and can't be contested.  CCSL Bylaws and a Handicap Table are are also available for reference.

By-Laws Change:  
If a shooter drops a shooting class within the current shooting year, the shooter is ineligible to win the lower class. 
(i.e.:  A shooter is initially ranked AAA for the 2011/ 2012 year and due to poorer results drops to AA.  This shooter is not elegible to win the AA class for the current shooting year.  Although, if the shooter remains in the AA class throughout the year and enters the next shooting year as AA, the shooter qualifys to compete in the AA class.)

Ammo Costs:
The cost of a box of shells purchased at the shoot will be at the host club's regular pricing.

Target Cost:
The target cost for the league shoots is $6.50/ round.  (All-inclusive)


Host Club Representatives:

Glen Oak - Al Forst

Medinah - Tom Hassenplug

William Aldrich

Oak Park - Brad Bell

White Gates
 - TBD

CCSL League Secretary and Web Master:

  Jeff Pilato


Remember your Host Club Representatives and League Secretary are volunteers and it takes a lot of planning and dedication to make the league run smoothly. 
Please send any feedback on the web site to